Zazie Rainyday
Zazie Rainyday
Kanji ザジ・レイニーデイ
Romaji Zaji Reinīdei
Status Alive
Gender Female
First Appearance Chapter 24 (flashback)
Chapter 112
Episode 12
Voiced by Yuka Inokuchi
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Zazie Rainyday (ザジ・レイニーデイ Zaji Reinīdei?) was one of Negi Springfield's former students of Mahoma Academy's Class 3-A from the previous series. She is the princess of the Demon Kind.


Zazie looks like a teenage girl with tanned skin, silver hair, pale red eyes and pointed nails. She wears a black Harlequin outfit with stripped sleeves and hairdress, and has bat-like wings at hip level.


Zazie is extremely calm and collected, she never seems to lose her detached outlook. She is very polite and always smiling, and very rarely talks, when passing as a normal student. Now that her real identity has been revealed, she is much more talkative. She is also serious and driven, and ready to face extremely powerful foes without fear.


This section covers only the history revealed in UQ Holder!. For Zazie Rainyday's past exploits, please see Negima! Wiki.

Shion Nagumo's flashbacks show that she was part of Ala Alba during Negi's final battle with the Mage of the Beginning twenty years prior.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being the second-in-line to the throne of the Demon Kind, Zazie is an incredibly powerful being, on the same level as Evangeline A.K. McDowell and Fate Averruncus themselves. As part of the student circus, she has proven immensely agile, spry and nimble, being able to casually perform high-level juggling, as well as exceptional feats of acrobatics.

She has a sort of telepathic power that enables people to understand what she says without having to pronounce a single word, even on the phone; she is able to see ghosts and invisible beings; she can walk on water, teleport through portals of shadow and summon spirits. She has also displayed the ability to appear seemingly out of nowhere, and to create portals of teleportation through which she can warp things and people.

Since she appeared several times in a conversation knowing what was just said, it seems that she can either ear and see where she is not physically present, and has the ability to keep track of people she knows. Though she might have been there without manifesting herself.

She can conjure a gigantic, demonic armoured being linked to her, most likely an extension of sort of her true, demonic form. This demon has extreme physical strength and can hurl tremendous onslaught of fire from its hands. Zazie can stand in the demon's open palm and uses it as transportation.