• KmUSMC31

    Im just curious what you all think in regards to Nodaka Yue Rakan and Imma... I personally think they are dead from the last war and summoned as souless puppets to fight for Negi for a few reasons... if ya watch the last battle of Negima The Mage of the begining summons fate number 1 and 2 and a few others who should be dead back to the living .... If ya look at Nodaka and Yue compared to Ayaka it looks like they are a good 30+ years younger....Imma and Jack Rakan were already damn near imortal anyway so its possible they could be possesed but either way it seems like they are souless compared to how they originally were .... i doubt if they still had their souls they would join the same evil entity they had fought for 100 years

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