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Chapter 140
Chapter 140: The Showdown Against Ialda

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Kirie Sakurame (桜雨キリヱ Sakurame Kiriwe?) is one of the members of UQ Holder, ranked as No. 9, and is also the financial sponsor of all the organization's activities.

Kirie is a young short girl. She sports long hair of light color, tied into a braid on the left side of her face, as well as on the back of her head. Kirie attire is a school uniform-like, consisting of a cap with several flowery patterns on it, a cape-like dark top with a skirt and dark boots. She's also seen wearing glasses.( more)

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The trio
The ultimate trio!
UQ Holder! News
  • The 140th chapter entitled The Showdown Against Ialda has been released!
  • The UQ Holder anime has started airing!! Check out the first episode.
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