Date Events
??? After an attempt of suicide, for betraying his master, Karin Yuuki discovers she had become immortal.
Around Year 686 After eating the flesh of a mermaid, Jinbei Shishido becomes an immortal.
Year 1386 Evangeline A.K. McDowell is born.
Year 1386 Evangeline A.K. McDowell at age 10 is turned into a vampire.
Year 1492
Year 1988 June 30: Sayoko Minase is born.
Year 2001 Ikkuu Ameya is born.
Year 2003 September 23: Sayoko Minase dies at age 15.
Year 2006
  • Sayoko Minase begins to gather the spirits of people who commited suicide.
  • The intermitent murder cases in Amano-Mihashira Academy City starts.
Year 2014 Ikkuu Ameya falls into a comatose state at age 13.
Year 2020 The Orbit Elevator construction is finished.
Year 2065
Year 2072 Kuroumaru Tokisaka is born.
Year 2075 Honoka Konoe and Isana Konoe are born.
Year 2078 June 17: Santa Sasaki dies at age 12.
Year 2082 Touta Konoe is born (according to UQ Holder database).

January: Kuroumaru Tokisaka take part in an Immortalization Curse as a test subject and becomes an immortal.

Year 2084 July 27: Touta Konoe's parents dies.
Year 2086
  • Ikkuu Ameya wakes from his coma with a full mechanical body.
  • Ikkuu Ameya complete the entry exam after 4 months and becomes a UQ Holder member.

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