Ruin Ishkur
Ruin Ishkur
Name Ruin Ishkur
Kanji ルイン・イシュクル
Romaji Ruin Ishukuru
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Magic Beast-Thunder Spirit
Occupations Guard
First Appearance Chapter 88
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Ruin Ishkur (ルイン・イシュクル Ruin Ishukuru?) is a High-Level Thunder Spirit that worked as a Guard for Dana Ananga Jagannatha during Touta and the others final test.


Ruin Ishkur have a humanoid appearance with a body that is the literal incarnation of lightning, he have two long horns on his forehead, a tail and wields a thunder lance.


As a guard, Ruin Ishkur was ruthless and killed Touta and Kirie when they first arrived at the last part of their trial. During his fight with Touta and Kuroumaru he slightly underestimated them, but was impressed by and praised their teamwork and fighting skills.


Ruin Iskur's past is unknown, but there were three reported sighting of him in the last 200 years.[1] But during his fight with Touta is was mentioned that he may have fought against Negi Springfield at some point.



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