Raiten Taisō
Magia Erebea Raiten Taisou
Kanji 雷天大壮
Rōmaji Raiten Taisō
Translation Thunder in Heaven; Great Vigor
Known Users Touta Konoe
Negi Springfield
Purpose Offensive
Debut Chapter 76 (flashback)
Chapter 90 (actual)
Episode 12

Raiten Taisō (雷天大壮?) is a form of Magia Erebea Armament created by Negi Springfield and utilized by his grandson Touta Konoe, with different ways of activation.


To activate this form the user would need to absorb the spell Thousand Lightning Bolts, once this form is activated the user is able to move at the speed of lightning (about 150 km/s or 93 miles/second) for an instant during its activation. Touta activated this form for a second when he absorbed the spell Thunder Spear used by Ruin Ishkur.[1] Unlike Negi, Touta needs an outside source of power, like an enemy attack, to absorb and be able to use this form. Also he can activate it any time, as long as he constantly spins the absorbed magic power inside him with his "Revolution". If he stops, the magic power would leave his body.[2]


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