Nodoka Miyazaki
Nodoka Miyazaki v2 Anime
Name Nodoka Miyazaki
Kanji 宮崎 のどか
Romaji Miyazaki Nodoka
Status Alive
Gender Female
First Appearance Chapter 119
Episode 10
Voiced by Mamiko Noto
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Nodoka Miyazaki (宮崎 のどか Miyazaki Nodoka?) is a character of UQ Holder! series. She is one of the returning characters from Negima!.


Nodoka is a young woman with short purple hair and blue eyes. In Manga, she appear along side with suffering Negi in an elaborate dress same with Asuna Kagurazaka's princess attire. Later, she wear a white-coloured battle suit same with Negi's.



This section covers only the history revealed in UQ Holder!. For Nodoka Miyazaki's past exploits, please see Negima! Wiki.

Years prior to the start of UQ Holder, Nodoka participated is the Third War against the Mage of the Beginning along side Negi Springfield.


Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit


Negi SpringfieldEdit


Pactio Edit

  • Pudica Bibliothecaria (latin for "Modest Librarian"): Nodoka still holds her original pactio artifact that she formed with Negi back when she was still in Mahora Academy.[1] Her artifact is called Diarium Ejus (いどの絵日記 (ディアーリウム・エーユス), Diāriumu Ēyusu) which is a picture diary that can read the minds of people, and depicts those thoughts into words and images. This is very useful in a variety of situations, including combat and information gathering, especially for interrogations and surprise attacks. This artifact is considered to be very powerful and its potential for misuse is considerable.

Magical Abilities Edit

  • Angel Wings: She has also apparently gained the ability to manifest angelic wings that allow her to fly or at least levitate. These wings are also strong enough to knock back people.


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