Magic App
Flans Exarmatio
Kanji 魔法アプリ
Rōmaji Mahō Apuri
Type Magic
Known Users Humans, Immortals

Magic Apps (魔法アプリ, Mahō Apuri) are a recent development that came about from the reveal of the existence of magic in the early 2070s. These applications use a Manaphone and Managlove to allow the user to utilize pre-programmed magic spells with little-to-no prior experience.

However, there are those who are incapable of using them, such as Touta Konoe[1], and a study revealed that 1-in-10000 people cannot use them at all due to a physical condition[2].

Magic App Developers Edit

There are people who work towards refining and furthering the development of Magical Applications, such as Laszlo and Ray Chikage, by studying and researching magical techniques on Inverse Mars.

Known Magic AppsEdit

References Edit

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