Name Laszlo
Kanji ラズロ
Romaji Razuro
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupations Magic App Developer
First Appearance Chapter 67
Episode 10
Voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda

Laszlo (ラズロ Razuro?), nicknamed Afro The Forever, is a Magic App Developer who encountered Touta Konoe during the preliminaries of the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament. He runs a Junk Shop alongside Ray Chikage.


He is an adult male with a very large afro and facial hair.


Afro, at first glance, appears to be a very manipulative and selfish individual. Rather than showing gratitude for Touta saving him, he was upset due to the points being lost and challenged him over them. After his defeat, he saw fit to try and manipulate Touta into teaming up with him.

However, prior to knowing that he was a participant he tried to prevent him from getting hurt and telling him to run away. In addition, he has nothing but praise for his partner Ray and states it is his lifelong dream to have his work recognized.

He also appears to have something against the wealthy as he states that the poor have to do what it takes to survive.


Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit

He appears in dire straits after trying to beat a number of other competitors high-ranked than him in order to raise his rank, only for Touta to intervene on his behalf. After trying, and failing, to beat Touta so he could get those points, he informed him of the circumstances of the preliminaries and then took him to the underground arena, asking for him to partner with him.

Afro then takes him to his Junk Shop to meet his partner, Ray Chikage, and then demonstrated some of the magical applications that they developed, which Touta acknowledges would have defeated the other men attacking him. They try to give Touta a manaphone so he can use magic apps, but he proves to be incompatible.


Touta KonoeEdit

He's rather annoyed by the fact that Touta managed to steal his points, but decides to use his strength in order to get further and asks for his help.

Ray ChikageEdit

Afro has nothing but praise for Chikage, who runs the Junk Shop alongside him, acknowledging that he's easily ten times smarter and more talented. He's entering the tournament to prove the effectiveness of their applications for that purpose.

Abilities Edit

Afro claims to be a Magic App developer and thus demonstrated the ability to use those apps in combat:

  • Physical Defense App: An app designed to raise physical defense.
  • Muscle Power: An app designed to raise his strength up to a factor of 20.
  • Leg Power: An app designed to raise his speed up to a factor of 10.


Opponent Result
Laszlo VS Touta Konoe Loss

(i) - Interrupted/Incomplete

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