Krystalline Basilea
Krystalline Basilea
Kanji 氷の女王 (クリュスタリネー・バシレイア)
Rōmaji Kuryusutarinē Bashireia
Translation Queen of Ice
Known Users Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Purpose Offense
Debut Chapter 41

Krystalline Basilea (氷の女王 (クリュスタリネー・バシレイア) , 'Kuryusutarinē Bashireia') is a form of Magia Erebea Armament of ice type utilized by Evangeline A.K. McDowell.[1]


Evangeline can use this armament by absorbing the strongest ice element spell, Anthos Pagetou Khilion Eton. Upon activation it creates an ice-sphere of a few kilometers in diameter around her that gives her complete control over the area. Because the area is now frozen it is overflowing with ice spirits, allowing her to use all of her ice element spells that are below high-level, like Ice Saber Rondo and Netherworld Icicle, without incantation, a "cheat" that makes her nearly invincible. 


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