Investigation arc
Amano-Mihashira Academy City
Name Investigation arc
Chapters 43-61
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Investigation arc is the fourth story arc of the UQ Holder! series.


Touta's desire to train is halted by Yukihime as she gives him a job to investigate a dangerous immortal. Together with Kuroumaru, Karin and Ikkuu, they are to infiltrate a private boarding school in order to recruit him.


Training in the morning, Touta recalls the recent events. Intending to get stronger, Touta reaches Yukihime with a request to be his coach. After talking about Fate, as well as UQ Holder, Touta receives a job to recruit an immortal and if that were to fail, to dispose of him. He is joined by Kuroumaru and Karin, putting on their uniforms in order to infiltrate a private boarding school as students. Much to Kuroumaru's embarrassement, he is given a girl uniform by Karin. In the middle of their banter, Ikkuu joins them and soon, the group arrives at Amano-Mihashira Academy City.[1]


  1. UQ Holder! Manga: Chapter 43


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