Iaculatio Grandinis
Yukihime's Ice Spears
Kanji 氷槍弾雨 (ヤクラーティオー・グランディニス)
Rōmaji Yakurātiō Gurandinisu
Translation Hailstorm Javelin
Type Ancient Magic
Known Users Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Purpose Offense
Debut Chapter 5
Episode 2

Iaculatio Grandinis (氷槍弾雨 (ヤクラーティオー・グランディニス) , Yakurātiō Gurandinisu) is an Ancient Magic of ice element utilized by Evangeline A.K. McDowell.[1]


After Yukihime recites the incantation, a magical seal appears, creating numerous spears of ice that Yukihime can freely direct at her target. Yukihime described this magic to be the "real deal", an ancient magic, something that no Magic Apps are capable of. Upon witnessing this, Kuroumaru acknowledged Yukihime's real power.[2] With this magic, Yukihime was also capable of effortlessly destroying the weaponry of the private army of immortal hunters.[3]


Gather, ice spirits.

Become spears to rain down upon my enemies.


槍もて迅雨となりて 敵を貫け

Tsudoe Kōri no Seirei

Yari mote Jin'u to narite Teki wo Tsuranuke


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