Gengorou Makabe
Gengorou anime
Name Gengorou Makabe
Kanji 真壁 源五郎
Romaji Makabe Gengorō
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupations UQ Holder #6
First Appearance UQ Holder
Voiced by Yūki Kaji
Image Gallery

Gengorou Makabe (真壁 源五郎, Makabe Gengorō) is a senior member of UQ Holder. He is numbered 6.


He sports a black tie and a formal vest with spectacles and has black spiky hair. He carries a katana.


Always maintaining a poker face, he has a very professional attitude. It appears that he took the responsibility of managing UQ holder after the disappearance of Jinbei Shishido.


UQ Holder arcEdit

The First Mission arcEdit


Immortality: As a member of the UQ Holder's Numbers, Gengorou possess his own unique form of Immortality.

  • Life Remain System (命のストック残機制)[1]: The details of his immortality are unknown, but it seems that when Gengorou is killed, he will somehow create a clone of himself.[2] In the anime, after he is killed it will shows up a continue screens to choose a button like in the video games. Immortality class D.

Immense Strength: He's easily able to lift up Touta even when his sword is 20,000 times its own weight

Swordsmanship: He is shown to be highly skilled with his sword.

Vision Filter: He can see the world around them in a digital HUD-like manner, complete with analyzing scans that enables him to identify the information of the person's identity and powers in a video game-like manner.[2]




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