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Name Cutlass
Kanji カトラス
Romaji Katorasu
Status Alive
Gender Female
Family Negi Springfield (genetic template)
First Appearance Chapter 69
Image Gallery

Cutlass (カトラス Katorasu?) is a mysterious girl who introduced herself as Touta Konoe's "sister".


Cutlass is a young woman with dark skin and blonde hair



Plot Edit

Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit


  • Ensis Exorcizans: Cutlass can summon a sword that is similar to Asuna Kagurazaka's pactio card. She herself states that she wields only a replica of it. The sword has the ability to exorcise demons and dispel magic.This version of the sword can emit lightning.[1]

Combat Abilities Edit

  • Intimidation: Cutlass has a tremendous blood thirst which she projected towards Touta Konoe and cause him to momentarily feel like being impaled by several blades.[2]

Magic Abilities Edit

  • Emittam: The spell for activating delayed spells.
  • Explosion Spell: She has the ability to instantly emit a spell that explodes upon activation without any verbal incantation.[3]
  • Time Gallery (時の回廊, Toki no Kairō): Cutlass's Pactio card and artefact. It can control time to stop the flow of time.[5]


  • Cutlass is the first character to used Pactio card and artefact in UQ Holder!
  • Cutlass's artfifact, Horaria Vortrix which is also Koyomi's artefact in the prequel of UQ Holder!, Negima! However, it is yet to be revealed where Cutlass got the artefact.


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