Caring Friends
Chapter 72
Name Caring Friends
Kanji 仲間思い
Rōmaji Nakama Omoi
Chapter 72
Release Date March 11th, 2015
Arc Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Arc
Chapter 71
Chapter 73
Chapter 72 Images

Caring Friends is the 72th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. Touta was defeated by the cloaked girl and sustained near fatal injuries. Kuroumaru and company save the day, and Touta survives the battle, but the words the girl left him "You are a clone." weigh heavily on his mind.

Summary Edit

Chapter Appearances Edit

Characters Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Kirie Sakurame  · Santa Sasaki  · Touta Konoe  · Cutlass  · Evangeline A.K. McDowell (fantasy)  · Fate Averruncus (fantasy)  · Nikumaru Tanaka (fantasy)  · Tooru Mitsuhashi (fantasy)  · Nowa (fantasy)  · Shiraishi (fantasy)
Items and Terms Gravity Blade

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