Chapter 70
Name Attacker
Kanji 襲撃者
Rōmaji Shūgekisha
Chapter 70
Release Date February 18th, 2015
Arc Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Arc
Chapter 69
Chapter 71
Chapter 70 Images

Attacker is the 70th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. While running away from home in defiance of Yukihime. Touta encounters an enemy whose face and identity remain unknown. This person referred to him as brother and overwhelmed Touta with great strength that is until his Magia Erebea activates.

Summary Edit

The hooded person from earlier appear and call Touta a mere low graded copy and declares his intentions to kill him. The two fights,but it is quite clear that the hooded person have the upper hand. Touta is cut by his opponent who doesn't flinch even after Magia Erebea is activated.

Chapter Appearances Edit

Characters Touta Konoe  · Cutlass
Items and Terms Gravity Blade

Navigation Edit

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