What Does It Mean To Be A Bit Ahead?
Chapter 6 Cover
Name What Does It Mean To Be A Bit Ahead?
Kanji 一寸先は?
Rōmaji Issun Saki wa?
Chapter 6
Release Date October 2nd, 2013
Volume 1
Arc UQ Holder arc
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What Does It Mean To Be A Bit Ahead? is the 6th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In the chapter, Touta and Kuroumaru gets to meet the family of immortals, the UQ Holder.


Kuroumaru laughs

Kuroumaru laughs

Yukihime praises Touta for stealing her bath towel, ready to fulfil her promise and show him her body. Touta, however, refuses, claiming that "grannies are not his thing", much to Yukihime's annoyance, who stomps at him. This causes Kuroumaru to laugh, with Touta noting that this is the first time since the time they met. Kuroumaru states that he has no choice but to become friends with Touta due to the contract. Touta then once again questions Kuroumaru's gender due to the way he is wrapped in a towel and begins chasing him to make him strip.

The group then continues their travels, with Touta and Kuroumaru using a wide road for a race. While running, Touta mentions his other friends to Kuroumaru, wanting him to meet them. He then questions Kuroumaru's goal and proposes accompanying him to be so. After hearing about Touta's dream to become famous in space, Kuroumaru scolds him for not thinking it through properly. Touta then asks Yukihime whether there are any other immortals and after getting a positive answer, he asks Kuroumaru what he thinks about making a lot of immortal friends. Wanting it to become like a family, Touta claims that they would use immortality to do awesome things.
The family of UQ Holder

The family of UQ Holder

While Kuroumaru notices the contrast between Touta calling it an "amazing power" and his family considering it to be a "curse", Yukihime begins laughing.

At that moment, a car appears driving towards them and a person inside gets out and tells Yukihime that it's good to see her again, calling her a "madam". As more cars arrive and a lot of men greet Yukihime, the female vampire reveals that it is exactly what Touta just said, a family of immortals, the UQ Holder. In spite of his initial shock, Touta wonders whether all of them are immortal, but Yukihime corrects him, stating that most of them are only partially immortal, achieving it through various means, such as science or immortal items. After Yukihime mentions body modification as one of these means, Kuroumaru notes that all those people are his clan's enemies. However, Touta claims they're comrades, wanting to become friends with them.

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