A Stop in the Journey, Romance Between Men
Stage 5
Name A Stop in the Journey, Romance Between Men
Kanji 旅の休息、男のロマン
Rōmaji Tabi no Kyūsoku, Otoko no Roman
Chapter 5
Release Date September 25th, 2013
Volume 1
Arc UQ Holder arc
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A Stop in the Journey, Romance Between Men is the 5th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Kuroumaru becomes Yukihime's disciple as the group stops to rest at hot springs.


Kuroumaru, now Yukihime's disciple

Kuroumaru, now Yukihime's disciple

While in high spirits, Touta continues travelling, accompanied by Yukihime and Kuroumaru. Touta complains about Kuroumaru walking so far behind, calling him a friend. Kuroumaru argues that being a hunter of immortals make him and Touta enemies, however, Touta reveals that Kuroumaru was forced to sign a "best friend contract". Yukihime notes that she didn't expect anyone joining them, with Touta reminding her of her words about friends. Yukihime then tells Kuroumaru that being her disciple's, she lost all the intent to kill him, but he can leave if he wants to. Kuroumaru reveals that he has been forbidden to return home unless he kills Yukihime. However, Yukihime tells him there's no use, being beaten by both Touta and herself. While Kuroumaru seems to be depressed about this, Yukihime proposes him to become her disciple as well, much to Touta's joy.

Come with us!

Come with us!

The group then reaches a hot springs town. Liking the idea, Yukihime proposes staying there for a night, receiving various reactions from her disciples, especially when she mentions them spending time together, naked, as they are guys. Kuroumaru doesn't seem to be happy about this, claiming that this is his first time in hot springs, but Touta just drags him with him. Inside, Touta enjoys the empty hot springs. Kuroumaru complains that in his country, they don't have such customs. In the end, he manages to make himself at ease. Touta then asks Kuroumaru about his clan, not liking the fact that the latter is not allowed to return home. He notes that coming to such place shouldn't even be needed and proposes that Kuroumaru should come with them. After a short hesitation, Kuroumaru high fives with Touta.

Yukihime's Ice Spears

Yukihime displaying an Ancient Magic

With that settled, an enthusiastic Touta wants to go and peek at the woman's bath, claiming that it's normal, much to Kuroumaru's shock. They discuss about Yukihime when Kuroumaru wonders about her real strength, calling her "The Dark Evangel". At that moment, Yukihime appears, laughing at their discussion. She tells them to steal her bath towel in order to see her naked. Touta charges at her, but gets hit by Yukihime's Nivis Casus. Continuing to chant another spell while noting that she hasn't shown this to Touta yet, Yukihime casts multiple ices spears. Kuroumaru recognizes the magic, knowing that Yukihime is indeed the real Evangeline. As Touta is about to fall off a cliff due to the spell, Kuroumaru grabs his hand. Touta smiles, saying that he expected this from a friend, which makes Kuroumaru blush. Kuroumaru then throws Touta, according to the latter's instructions and Yukihime finds her bath towel to be in Touta's hands.

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