Touta's Clever Scheme
Stage 4
Name Touta's Clever Scheme
Kanji 刀太の奇策
Rōmaji Tōta no Kisaku
Chapter 4
Release Date September 18th, 2013
Volume 1
Arc UQ Holder arc
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Touta's Clever Scheme is the 4th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Kuroumaru fights against Touta as the task to kill Yukihime is revealed to be given to him by his brother.


At the time he was given his orders, Kuroumaru is told to slay Evangeline A.K. McDowell. His brother states that "Dark Evangel" is now only the shell of her former self, but if Kuroumaru were to fail, he is forbidden to return. Kuroumaru accepts this and as he is leaving, he overhears members of his clan talking, saying that this is a good way to get rid of Kuroumaru and his "cursed body".

Kuroumaru vs. Touta

Kuroumaru vs. Touta

Back in the present, Touta panics as he sees Kuroumaru fall down after being stabbed by Yukihime. However, Yukihime tells him to take a closer look and Touta watches as Kuroumaru's wounds instantly heal. Yukihime cannot believe that an immortal was sent after them, while Touta attempts to finally confirm Kuroumaru's gender, but gets punched by the latter. After a short bicker, Kuroumaru states that he has to kill both Touta and Yukihime, but Yukihime argues that she already defeated him. As Touta tries to calm them down, Kuroumaru claims that he is just getting started. At last, Yukihime decides that if Kuroumaru defeats Touta, she will face him again. Kuroumaru readies himself in spite of Touta's protests.

Kuroumaru rushes at high speed, kicking a surprised Touta and then hits him with Shinmei-ryu's Secret Technique, Evil Cutting Sword, Second Strike. Surprised, Kuroumaru realizes that Touta deflected his sword with his hands. Touta, once again, attempts to talk it out, but Kuroumaru attacks again, just to have his strike dodged one more time. Touta proposes a deal, saying that he'll fight seriously, but the loser has to obey the winner afterwards. Kuroumaru accept and lends Touta a sword, which the latter throws away as he charges at Kuroumaru. They attack each other, with Touta withstanding Kuroumaru's slashes,
Touta reattaches his head

Touta reattaches his head

until Kuroumaru manages to behead him.

Thinking that with such injury it's over even for a vampire, Kuroumaru apologizes, but Touta just puts his head back and delivers a punch, defeating Kuroumaru. Touta then frets whether Kuroumaru's injuries will heal again, until Kuroumaru gets up and begs Touta to kill him. Touta refuses and instead asks him to become his friend.

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