The Future That Should Be Avoided
Chapter 35
Name The Future That Should Be Avoided
Kanji 避けるべき未来
Rōmaji Sakerubeki Mirai
Chapter 35
Release Date May 21st, 2014
Volume 4
Arc Imprison Fate arc
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The Future That Should Be Avoided is the 35th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Kirie reveals the grim future caused by the incoming encounter with Fate Averruncus.


Kirie leads the group

Kirie leads everyone

Having defeated the assassin, Ikkuu Ameya receives praise from an enthusiastic Touta. The group soon notices that Xinzqai Chao has, in fact, managed to escape, leading into Ikkuu's comment that it's not the last time they see him. Kirie then proceeds blaming Touta for his failure, but the boy shifts the attention to the time and Kirie leads the group in order for them to arrive in time.

While running, Touta questions what's going to happen and Kirie reveals that all the numbers, including Karin, will get wiped out. When Kuroumaru asks if this is Kirie's ability to foresee the future and Touta tries to correct him, Kirie stops the boy from revealing her true ability and proceeds explaining what exactly will happen.

Fate massacres the numbers

Fate massacres the numbers

In this future, the group arrives and instead of Touta, Kirie chooses Kuroumaru as her bodyguard while Ikkuu and Touta leave to take care of the arrival procedure. Kirie and Kuroumaru then sit down at the caffé, with the former telling the latter to stop hanging around Touta. Before they can continue the debate, Kirie is contacted by Ikkuu, however, the connection is soon interrupted and the two witness an explosion. Having arrived to its location, they see Fate effortlessly defeating the numbers. Karin is transported elsewhere and Touta's body destroyed. Seeing this, Kuroumaru rushes to help, however, he's also crushed, along with Ikkuu.

Fate then appears behind Kirie, casting a petrification spell. Holding the boy's head, he says that he's taking Touta as the boy belongs to him. While being slowly turned into a stone, Kirie realizes that this way she won't die and will be unable to return to past, so she takes out a knife, aiming for herself. Fate notices it and blood splashes out.

Having heard about this, Kuroumaru notes that it's a future they better avoid.

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