The Strength of Numbers
Chapter 29
Name The Strength of Numbers
Kanji ナンバーズ達の実力
Rōmaji Nanbāzu-tachi no Jitsuryoku
Chapter 29
Release Date April 2nd, 2014
Volume 4
Arc The First Mission arc
Chapter 28
Chapter 30
Chapter 29 Images

The Strength of Numbers is the 29th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Jinbei Shishido faces against Shion Nagumo, however, Touta is the one to deal the final blow to the immortal hunter with the help of his Gravity Blade.


Ikkuu battles the soldiers

Ikkuu battles the soldiers

Getting overwhelmed, the private army attempts to retreat, ordering their soldiers not to leave any evidence. Ikkuu Ameya and Gengorou Makabe have no intention of letting them to do so as they expect to take responsibility, continuing to attack. Meanwhile, Jinbei stands before Shion. After the two exchange a few sentences, knowing each other from before, Shion states that even though they look human, the immortals are monsters, much to Touta's disagreement. Knowing that there is no use talking about this, Jinbei readies for fight, claiming that he won't kill the immortal hunter as it's against their policy and after teasing each other one more time, they both charge.

Touta defeats Nagumo

Touta defeats Nagumo

While Jinbei fights with his bare fists, Shion attacks with the use of his. After evading each other's strikes for a while, Jinbei manages to land a hit. Shion, while thinking that he may not be able to defeat him, responds with Early Summer Rain Slash. Jinbei suddenly appears behind his opponent and Touta, knowing Shion's intentions, yells out that it's a trap. Jinbei manages to evade and strikes the immortal hunter with great force, knocking him into a wall. Shion wastes no time and teleports himself to Touta's location, revealing his true target. At that moment, Ruki and his friends appear, throwing Touta's Gravity Blade towards him. Even though it looks like it won't be in time, with Jinbei's help, Touta catches the sword and increases its weight ten thousand fold. The two charge at each other and in the end, Touta manages to destroy's Shion's mechanical arm, much to everyone's surprise. The kids then rush towards Touta, with the boy stating that it's them the immortal hunter lost to. He then exclaims that even ten thousand years from now, he'll still be a human. However, unbeknownst to him, he is being watched through a device by an unkown man, by someone who seems to recognize the young vampire.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

Characters Ikkuu Ameya  · Gengorou Makabe  · Shion Nagumo  · Jinbei Shishido  · Touta Konoe  · Yukihime  · Ruki  · Megu  · Fate Averruncus
Items and Terms Cyborg  · Swordsmanship  · Hand-to-Hand Combat  · Early Summer Rain Slash  · Spatial Displacement  · Telekinesis  · Gravity Blade
Locations n/a


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