Enter the Numbers!
Chapter 28
Name Enter the Numbers!
Kanji ナンバーズ、来る!
Rōmaji Nanbāzu, kitaru!
Chapter 28
Release Date March 26th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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Enter the Numbers! is the 28th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Yukihime, Jinbei Shishido, Gengorou Makabe and Ikkuu Ameya arrive to assist Touta.


Yukihime arrives

Yukihime arrives

As Touta appears to be immobilized, the soldiers attempt to approach him. Shion warns their commander of the power that Magia Erebea holds, having been capable of removing the magical seal from Touta's body. However, Touta is still awake and attempts to free himself, but the soldiers begin shooting at him. Much to everyone's surprise, a wall of ice appears, protecting Touta and at the same time, one of the army's airbone units crashes down, damaged by the Ice Spear Magic. Touta looks for the source of this commotion and then witnesses Yukihime on top of a nearby pillar. She teases the boy for his current state and Touta returns the favor, telling her that she should've arrived sooner.

Team UQ Holder

The three UQ Holder numbers in battle

After teasing Touta one more time for supposedly crying, Yukihime switches to her original form and greets Shion, who finally recognizes her to be Evangeline. The commander of the troops also realizes who she is and orders the air force to drop a "new model", in spite of Shion's warning that it's useless. In front of Touta and Yukihime, an anti-magic weapon is dropped and shoots from its electromagnetic cannon. However, they are defended by Gengorou who appears with his sword taken out. Likewise, Jinbei and Ikkuu arrive, using brute force and his robotic-like body parts to battle the soldiers, respectively. While Ikkuu belittles the army's new anti-magic weapon for having a thin armor, Jinbei claims this to be a payback time for messing with UQ Holder.

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