Touta vs. Kaito
Chapter 23
Name Touta vs. Kaito
Kanji 刀太VS灰斗
Rōmaji Tōta VS Kaito
Chapter 23
Release Date February 19th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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Touta vs. Kaito is the 23rd chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta and Kaito engage in a combat, both using the Instant Movement Technique.


Kaito's surprising attack

Kaito and Touta continue their battle

Both Touta and Kaito rush towards their opponent, punching each other simultaneously. As Kaito is thrown away due to the impact, he wonders why it is that even though Touta was just a beginner yesterday, he is able to match his speed now. Charging at Touta one more time, Kaito thinks he will make it this time, however, Touta blocks his attack. They continue exchanging blows when Kaito realizes that Touta is still a beginner, but his bizzare instincts are what is allowing him to catch up. At that moment, Kaito uses Midair Instant Movement to evade Touta's attack and then strike him from behind, however, Touta turns around and delivers the punch instead. Kuroumaru is amazed as the two continue clashing. That is when Kaito begins laughing, causing Touta to question him, however, the last punch they hit each other with causes them to crash into the ground, far away from each other.

Kuroumaru retreats with Ruki

Kuroumaru retreats with Ruki

Watching this, Nagumo questions if Touta's battle sense is his natural talent and then further confirms that his power is no different from Magia Erebea. Meanwhile, Karin tells Kuroumaru to leave everything to Touta and go to save the town. Kuroumaru grabs Ruki and jumps away, noticed by Nagumo who, however, is intercepted by Karin. Karin then states that she will be the one to confront him and reveals his full name to be Shion Nagumo of Fushi-Gari. At the same time, Kuroumaru and Ruki are running through the town. Knowing that they will need help at putting the fire away, Kuroumaru uses a technique to create fireworks. Seeing this, Karin praises Kuroumaru for his quick thinking.

Kaito stabs Touta

Kaito stabs through Touta's chest

Nagumo then notes that half of their mission is already finished and the thing that interests him now is Touta's history. That is when Kaito gets up, noting that there's no time and praises Touta for his strength. He continues by telling him to join their team. However, an annoyed Touta blatantly refuses. Hearing his reply, Kaito notes that this is a good bye and asks what one sees when their Instant Movement Technique is faster than sound. Revealing it to be a "heaven" - a world glowing with white light, Kaito readies himself and performs the feat just described by himself. Using the move Piercing Severing Flash, Kaito stabs Touta, tearing pulling out his heart and crushing it. He states that regardless of his immortality, it is now over. However, Nagumo tries to warn Kaito just as Touta something begins happening to Touta.

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Characters Touta Konoe  · Kaito  · Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Ruki  · Karin Yuuki  · Shion Nagumo
Items and Terms Instant Movement Technique  · Magia Erebea  · PMSCS
Locations New Tokyo Slums