Fellow Have-Nothings
Chapter 22
Name Fellow Have-Nothings
Kanji ないもの同士
Rōmaji Nai Mono Dōshi
Chapter 22
Release Date February 12th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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Fellow Have-Nothings is the 22nd chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta and Kuroumaru retreat to heal their injuries and joined by Karin, they face Kaito and Nagumo one more time.


Touta defends Kuroumaru

Touta intends to protect Kuroumaru

While Kuroumaru and Ruki question Touta's sudden revival and his new ability, Touta asks what they are going to do about their enemies. Meanwhile, Nagumo praises Touta's attack and then notes that if the boy's source of Immortality is Magia Erebea, it becomes troublesome. Kaito shows off his excitement and states that it's because of such moments that he cannot stop doing these jobs. Touta then asks Kuroumaru about how much time it will take to fully regenerate. Getting a reply that he just needs 40 more seconds for his feet, Touta jokes about how important it is to also heal his genitals.

Touta escapes with Kuroumaru

Touta escapes with Kuroumaru

At that moment, Kaito approaches Touta from behind to attack him, however, Touta sees through it and instead delivers a devastating punch. Changing his mind about protecting Kuroumaru while he is getting healed up, Touta grabs Kuroumaru and together with Ruki, they run away, much to the Immortal Hunters' surprise. While on run, Touta praises Ruki for protecting them. Kuroumaru then recalls Karin's word, but Touta notices it and headbutts him for acting all depressed. Touta scolds Kuroumaru for thinking he's useless and continues by praising him for getting beaten up just to protect them. He then proceeds to mention that he also has nothing so they should always go together, wherever.

Team Touta & co

Team Touta ready to face their opponents one more time

That's when Kuroumaru's healing finishes and he gets up, ready to overcome their enemies. For a while, they talk about who takes care of the fire and who faces the opponent, but thankfully, Karin arrives, stating that she will fight one of the Immortal Hunters and telling Kuroumaru to save the city. She apologizes to Touta for the job becoming so dangerous, but then she notices Touta's arms. Not knowing what it is, she just states that it's gross after Touta questions it. At that moment, their enemies appear. Touta reveals that he is aware of Kaito's identity as the Werewolf undoes his transformation. Touta praises Kaito's skills, but then angrily questions why he is using them for such dirty jobs. Kaito replies that it's to be able to face monsters like Touta and just before they charge at each other, Kaito realizes that Touta intends to make this into an Instant Movement Technique showdown.

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Characters Touta Konoe  · Ruki  · Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Shion Nagumo  · Kaito  · Karin Yuuki
Items and Terms Immortality  · Magia Erebea  · Werewolf Transformation  · Instant Movement Technique
Locations New Tokyo Slums