Touta Revives
Chapter 21
Name Touta Revives
Kanji 刀太復活
Rōmaji Tōta Fukkatsu
Chapter 21
Release Date February 5th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
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Touta Revives is the 21st chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Ruki and Kuroumaru Tokisaka continue struggling against their opponents, however, Touta Konoe manages to get up, equipped with a new ability.


Children face the Shadow Puppets

The kids face the Shadow Puppets

Keeping up his defensive pose, Ruki stands between Kuroumaru and the attackers. A defeated Kuroumaru warns him that they will kill him, telling him to run, however, Ruki states that he'll protect the town even if he dies. Kaito wonders what to do, but Nagumo does not hesitate and orders him to kill the kid. Elsewhere, in the burning town, the Shadow Puppets continue wreaking havoc. A young boy and a young girl, Megu, face a few of them. The boy tells the girl to run to Touta's location, however, a crying Megu claims she's unable to move.

Ruki attacks Kaito

Ruki charges at Kaito

Meanwhile, Ruki charges at Kaito, weilding a hammer. His attack is effortlessly blocked by the Werewolf, who praises the boy for his action while grabbing his body. Even though Kaito states that it'd be a waste to kill the boy, he continues squeezing his body, in spite of the boy's resistance and insults. Teary-eyed, Ruki questions the attackers' motive, however, Kaito simply replies that it's their job. Nagumo begins explaining that this land is not theirs, but it belongs to the people from top of the Heaven's Pillar. When he blames the current inhabitants of the land for social instability, Ruki argues that they're proper Japanese citizens, having been paying the taxes and taking care of the land. Nagumo replies that they'll receive some compensation for this, causing Ruki's question whether it is to make them shut up. Without any remorse, Kaito notes that it's their job, no matter how dirty it is.

Touta's anger

Touta expresses his anger

At that moment, however, Kaito readies himself to attack Ruki. Kuroumaru removes the blades restraining him and throws his injured body towards the boy in order to save him. It seems to work out as Kuroumaru finds himself on the ground with the boy being safe, but then he notices that someone had jumped in. Realizing it's Touta, everyone questions how it is that he's able to move even with the seal affecting him, they also take note of an unknown something, resembling a black armor, covering Touta's arms. Nagumo describes the powerful and evil miasma coming off Touta's arms, calling it "Magia". However, Touta brushes aside the questions and states that he'll make them pay for hurting his friends. Using his new ability, Touta rushes forward, hitting Kaito with a devastating punch. Just as Kaito is thrown away, coughing up a lot of blood, Touta's friends watch this feat, shocked and amazed.

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