The Saintess of Steel
Chapter 20
Name The Saintess of Steel
Kanji 鋼鉄の聖女
Rōmaji Kōtetsu no Seijo
Chapter 20
Release Date January 29th, 2014
Volume 3
Arc The First Mission arc
Chapter 19
Chapter 21
Chapter 20 Images

The Saintess of Steel is the 20th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, while Ruki attempts to protect defeated Kuroumaru Tokisaka and Touta Konoe, Karin battles against her own opponent.


Chapter AppearancesEdit

Characters Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Ruki  · Touta Konoe  · Kaito  · Shion Nagumo  · Karin Yuuki  · Xinzqai Chao  · Mikan Kasuga
Items and Terms Immortal Hunters  · Crucifix Coffin  · Vampire  · Freezing Magic App  · Shadow Hold  · Shadow Magic  · Shadow Spirits  · Naba High Frequency Blade  · Nimbus Holy Light  · Holy Fist
Locations New Tokyo Slums


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