The Blind Immortal Hunter
Chapter 16
Name The Blind Immortal Hunter
Kanji 盲目の不死狩り
Rōmaji Mōmoku no Fushigari
Chapter 16
Release Date December 25th, 2013
Volume 2
Arc The First Mission arc
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The Blind Immortal Hunter is the 16th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta continues practicing the Instant Movement Technique and information regarding Kuroumaru's background is revealed.


Touta continues practicing the Instant Movement Technique as Kaito explains that the technique is comprised of the "entrance" and the "grip." In order to perform these properly, one's toes must be as nimble as their fingers. Touta begins to practice living using only his toes. Kuroumaru inquires about the passing martial artist and tells Touta that he is perfectly capable of teaching him Instant Movement.

Karin sending Kuroumaru flying

Karin send Kuroumaru flying as she tells him he can't be friends with Touta

Kuroumaru's tribe traits

Kuroumaru explains his gender and tribe to Karin

Later, Karin questions Kuroumaru if he is jealous and if he likes Touta. She also asks if he is male or female. Kuroumaru tells her that he is from a minority tribe known as the Yatagarasu. He further explains that members of this tribe have a rare biological feature, they remain androgynous until age sixteen. When they reach the age of adulthood they can either choose their sex or one of the two will be naturally selected. Karin then asks which he'll choose. Karin attacks Kuroumaru as she advises female so that Kuroumaru can be with Touta. Kuroumaru says that he will choose male so that he can become a man worthy of standing beside Touta, a comrade and friend. Karin says that he likes Touta because, unlike himself, Touta has an unwavering heart. Karin points out that Kuroumaru's swordsmanship is lacking because he doesn't put his heart into it as she knocks him away and says that he cannot become a friend of Touta.

Nagumo, Kaito and Xinzqai overlooking the slums

Chao Xinzqai, Kaito and Nagumo standing on a cliff overlooking the slums

On a hilltop cliff, Kaito meets up with two other men, one of whom is called Nagumo. Kaito explains to the men that he found a talented kid in the slum who he was happy to teach. Nagumo tells him not to get too attached to the residents here and that it's time to work. Kaito is upset because he'll have to break the promise he made, further training with Touta. He then undergoes a transformation into a wolf-like creature. The third man in their group asks if it's okay for him to kill the residents.

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