The Fruits of Training
Chapter 15
Name The Fruits of Training
Kanji 修行の成果
Rōmaji Shugyō no Seika
Chapter 15
Release Date December 11th, 2013
Volume 2
Arc The First Mission arc
Chapter 14
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The Fruits of Training is the 15th chapter of the UQ Holder! manga written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. In this chapter, Touta Konoe practices using the abilities of a vampire, utilizing ki, and begins training the Instant Movement Technique under the supervision of Kaito, the martial artist.


Karin Arm Wrestling Touta

Touta loses in arm wrestling

Touta and Kuroumaru compete in various contest of strength including jumping and racing. Touta continually beats Kuroumaru and realizes how amazing ki is. Karin notes that Touta's use of ki is oddly effective considering he has only begun using it recently. The next competition is arm wrestling which Touta loses in against both Kuroumaru and Karin. Karin informs Touta that he should practice the "Instant Movement Technique" if he wants to win at arm wrestling.

Kaito the Martial Artist

Kaito, the martial artist

Touta goes outside to practice the technique where he is critiqued by a martial artist for his poor execution. This martial artist then demonstrates how to properly do the technique, he too is surprised by Touta's progress. He explains to Touta that the technique can be used to grasp the ground and use the force of the earth and therefore help him with wrestling. The martial artist further impresses Touta with his use of void instant movement, kicking off of empty air to propel oneself. The marital artist then inquires if Touta has a dream and explains that martial arts is deep and worth devoting one's life to. He introduces himself as Kaito and says that he's interested in Touta and that he has talent for this. He also states the there's two tricks to instant movement and that if Touta can grasp the first one, that he may consider taking him in as a disciple.

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