Kuroumaru-kun's Cares
Chapter 101
Name Kuroumaru-kun's Cares
Kanji 九郎丸くんの苦労
Rōmaji Kurōmaru-kun no Kurō
Chapter 101
Release Date November 11th, 2015
Volume 10
Arc Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Arc
Chapter 100
Chapter 102
Chapter 101 Images

Kuroumaru-kun's Cares is the 101st chapter in the UQ Holder! written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu.

Summary Edit

Kuroumaru's begins to experience that it's body is starting to altering to that of a woman's and has trouble coming to terms with it that's until Kirie decides to lend Kuroumaru a hand in capturing Touta's heart.

Chapter Appearances Edit

Characters Kuroumaru Tokisaka  · Touta Konoe  · Mizore Yukihiro  · Kirie Sakurame  · Shinobu Yuuki (flashback)
Items and Terms Gravity Blade
Locations Fairyland Hall

Navigation Edit

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