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  • MrCents 04

    Hints: In chapter 65 Negi and Nagi Springfiels showed with Mage of the Beginning too. Chapter 84 in Touta's training he obtain the power same with Negi Springfield but here is the other thing. 

    How Touta Konoe possess the white Angel power. His master told him that he has two powers that's why he can't use magic in the same time but only strengthen his strength.

    Also, in the brief case of Yukihime's past she was thought the first subject of Mage for knowing the knowledge of immortality.

    However, the Mage of the Beginning shows interest with Touta in that scene. But it seems you may compare his image to Touta's appearance (old version). 

    In the scientific explanation, clones has no soul nor spirit, maybe they have a power from the original but …

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  • RinkakuKagune

    Fanon Wiki

    August 2, 2015 by RinkakuKagune

    I've made a UQ Holder Fanon Wiki and I'd really appriciate it if you guys wen on it.

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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers


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