Bind Ivy
Bind Ivy
Kanji 拘束する蔦(バインド・アイヴィー)
Rōmaji Kōsoku suru Tsuta (Baindo Aivī)
Type Magic App
Known Users Tachibana, Nowa, Tooru Mitsuhashi
Purpose Movement Restriction

Bind Ivy (拘束する蔦(バインド・アイヴィー), Kōsoku suru Tsuta (Baindo Aivī)) is a Magic spell shown to be utilized through the Magic Apps.


With the use of a Magic App, the users are capable of summoning a magical ivy to surround and bind the target. This spell can be amplified if there are more users casting it at the same time. The Double Shot (二倍弾 (ダブルショット), Ni-bai-dan Daburu Shotto) version of this spell used by Touta's friends[1] was enough to completely restrict Yukihime's movements for a while, and although she was able to eventually break free, Tachibana described it as "the highest grade binding spell he could find".[2][3]


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