Ayaka Yukihiro
Ayaka Anime
Name Ayaka Yukihiro
Kanji 雪広 あやか
Romaji Yukihiro Ayaka
Status Alive
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Mizore Yukihiro
First Appearance Chapter 95
Episode 9
Voiced by Junko Minagawa
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Ayaka Yukihiro (雪広 あやか, Yukihiro Ayaka) is a member of the Yukihiro Group and a former student of Mahora Academy as well as a pupil of Negi Springfield. She is one of the returning characters from Negima!.


Ayaka is an elderly woman with blonde hair and green eyes.


Mahora Martial Arts Tournament ArcEdit

Ayaka was first seen holding her Pactio Card as she asked to be taken to Yukihime. She was accompanied by her great-granddaughter who claimed to be Touta's soon-to-be-wife.