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Asura Tu
Name Asura Tu
Kanji アスラ・ツゥ
Romaji Asura Tsuu
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupations Ala Alba Member
First Appearance Chapter 38
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Asura Tu (アスラ・ツゥ Asura Tsuu?) is a member of the world-saving team, Ala Alba.


Asura's appearance resembles that of an assassin, however, his most prominent feature is six arms, each seen to be carrying a sword. Most of his face is covered in bandages, as well as his neck, chest and parts of his arms. He is seen wearing a jacket with a hood that he has put on his head, leaving only his eyes, as well as a part of his hair revealed. While barefooted, the rest of Asura's attire consists of a simple shirt, a piece of clothing tied around his waist and simple pants that has torn their lower parts. Asura is also seen wearing a pendant.


He appears to be rather calm, however, as the attention of his opponent, Kuroumaru, is diverted, he is seen calling him a whelp, telling him not to be distracted.[1]


Imprison Fate arcEdit

Asura appears for the first time to fight against UQ Holder as they are facing Fate Averruncus.[2] He is then seen attacking Kuroumaru as the UQ Holder number diverts his attention to Karin, with Asura telling him not to be distracted.[1]


  • Swordsmanship: While the true extent of his abilities is unknown, Asura is seen carrying six swords, each for one of his six arms.[1]


Opponent Result
Asura VS Kuroumaru Interrupted

(i) - Interrupted/Incomplete


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