Albireo Imma
Albireo Imma Anime
Name Albireo Imma
Kanji アルビレオ・イマ
Romaji Arubireo Ima
Status Alive
Gender Male
First Appearance Chapter 24 (flashback)
Chapter 119
Episode 11
Voiced by Daisuke Ono
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Albireo Imma (アルビレオ・イマ Arubireo Ima?) is a character of UQ Holder! series. He is one of the returning characters from Negima!.


Albieo is wearing a coat over his suite.



This section covers only the history revealed in UQ Holder!. For Albireo Imma's past exploits, please see Negima! Wiki.
In the Third War Against the Mage of the Beginning, set years prior to the start of UQ Holder, Alberio Imma was a participant fighting along side of Negi Springfield and their friends. Despite having eliminated the Mage of the Beginning, Albireo was supposedly among the resulting casualties in the said war.



Negi SpringfieldEdit


Magic AbilitiesEdit

  • Gravity Magic: Albireo is a renowned master of gravity magic.
    • Melan Kai Kenos Barys Micros (小さく黒く重い洞(メーラン・カイ・ケノース・バリュス・ミークロス), Chīsaku Kuroku Omoi Hora (Mēran Kai Kenōsu Baryusu Mīkurosu)): A black orb is summoned on a target which then spirals as it grows bigger. The spell is used to render the target immobile.[2]
  • Memory Sharing Spell: He can summon a black orb to suck in a target and transport them into the targets memories. It was used against Touta in order to show him the memories of the past regarding Negi.
  • Necromancy: He is able to animate and control the living dead. He used this against Santa Sasaki.


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